The low down on Coconut Nectar


Here at Inner Grace, the salted caramel products are super popular. Although they sound naughty, the 'caramel' element is actually coconut nectar.


If you've not heard of coconut nectar, it's a natural sweetner that comes from coconut blossoms, making it a totally unrefined sweetner. 

It is thick and nutrient dense, and contains:

  • Zinc, which supports growth and helps to support the immune system.
  • Calcium which is needed to buid and maintain bone health, along with helping keep organs like the heart, working effectively, along with the nerves and muscles. 
  • Potassium which also supports the heart, the muscles, and helps regulate fluid balance. 
  • Amino acids which are organic compounds, that make up proteins and are often referred to being 'the building blocks of life'. 
  • It also has a soluble fibre named inulin, which helps to lower the risk of blood sugar spikes.

Due to being a natural, unrefined sweetner, it it doesn't have the same spikes that refined sugar has and deosn't create the same dependency. 

It makes a great sweetner for cooking, I use it in lots of our products, and had amazing feedback from diabetic customers who have enjoyed them with no issues being caused in their blood sugars.

I find it a very versatile sweetner and use it in my hot cacoa, I add it to my smoothies, use it in raw chocolate making, and it's also great drizzled over porridge.

If you're conscious of your sugar intake I'd definitely recommend you give it a try as a substitute! Or shop the salted caramel range and give it a try for yourself.