About Us

A little bit about us.

Inner Grace is a small family run business. Currently the only nut butter producer in Swansea and was established in 2017.

I originally began trading a Mo's Kitchen. Mo was my mum and bravely battled through cancer but sadly lost her battle. After a lot of researching, it became apparent that our health is massively affected by our diet and lifestyle choices. When you start looking into what's in store bought and pre-prepared foods there are so many unnecessary extras added.

I went on a mini mission to experiment with some recipes to make products that are as simple as I can  keep them and that I would be happy to feed to my little inspiration Grace. She is bold, lively and sweet and I can't get enough of her. I'm hoping that reflects through this brand and you can't get enough of them either. All our products are put together with a lot of love and care. Straight from the heart of our home to yours.

Our main mission is to keep creating nourishing foods that help you  feel healthy from the inside out.